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Zinc Alloy Die-casting Production Process Notes
Nov 03, 2017

First, control the composition of the alloy from the beginning of the purchase of alloy ingots, alloy ingot must be based on ultra-high purity zinc, coupled with ultra-high purity aluminum, magnesium, copper alloy ingot formulated, the supply plant has strict composition standards. High-quality zinc alloy material is to ensure the production of high-quality castings.


 Second, the purchase of alloy ingot to ensure that there are clean, dry storage area, in order to avoid prolonged exposure to moisture and the emergence of white rust, or contaminated by the factory dirt and increase the production of slag, but also increase the metal loss. A clean factory environment is effective in controlling the composition of the alloy.


Third, the new material and the outlet back to the charge ratio, not more than 50% back to the charge, the general new material: old material = 70:30. Continuous remelting of aluminum and magnesium alloy gradually reduced.


 Fourth, the outlet material remelting, we must strictly control the remelting temperature should not exceed 430 , in order to avoid the loss of aluminum and magnesium.


 Fifth, the conditional die-casting plant is best to use centralized furnace melting zinc alloy, the alloy ingot and back to the charge evenly, the flux can be more effectively used, the alloy composition and temperature remain uniform and stable. Electroplating waste, fines should be a separate furnace.

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