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Vacuum Die Casting And Normal Casting Methods
Sep 28, 2016

Vacuum die casting and normal casting methods, productivity is almost the same. But casting die casting method can eliminate or reduce the vacuum inside the pores, improve the mechanical properties and surface quality of casting; greatly reduced back pressure of the cavity, may use the low pressure casting alloys with poor performance, improved fill condition, casting thin cast;
Vacuum die casting mould design depending on the product mix, quality requirements, the factors to be considered are consistent with the traditional passive venting mold. Vacuum vacuum die casting mould pattern cavity, mold parting surfaces do not need sealing, but mold surface without flying! For one thing, vacuum components exhaust point must be set on the module, or it will cause the exhaust hose dragging premature damage!
In short, vacuum die casting production is affected by many factors, mutual interference between a very complex process. To do a basic collection of comprehensive data, information and thorough analysis, taking into account as fully as possible all the external conditions. Ensuring design quality molds to produce high quality castings.
Now, this items technology are widely application Yu more than global leading of car manufacturer, while now proved vacuum die-cast technology production Hou of pressure casting can used welding, and hot processing, processing means, at room temperature performance also has must of upgrade: as currently has success of in cold room die-cast machine Shang using vacuum die-cast method production out AM60B magnesium alloy car wheel, in lock die force for 2940kN of hot room die-cast machine Shang using vacuum die-cast method production out AM60B magnesium alloy car steering wheel, pressure casting elongation rate by 8% improve to 16 % Or more.

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