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New Energy Vehicles Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Material
Jan 09, 2018

The density of aluminum is only 1/3 of steel, thermal conductivity is more than 3 times more than iron. Most noteworthy is that the structural design optimization of aluminum-based steel can achieve secondary weight loss, the effect can be directly reduced weight 50% -100%. Relevant research shows that 1 kg of aluminum can replace 2.25 kg of steel with a weight reduction ratio of up to 125% and can reduce exhaust emissions by 20 kg over the entire service life. This shows that aluminum alloy with its high strength, recyclability, corrosion resistance, low density and other high-quality performance become the preferred material for car weight loss, the use of aluminum in the car will grow rapidly, automotive aluminum into the golden age.


The domestic car prices on the application of aluminum alloy, you have to mention Chery New Energy, the company introduced a new generation of pure electric mini-car - ants (codename eQ1), the structure of the "full aluminum space + full Composite outer cover "combination of forms, a good control of the body weight, reduce manufacturing costs and achieve a better lightweight body.


However, the full aluminum body can not be underestimated, when the body by the collision damage, the aluminum alloy material is more difficult to shape, once improper operation, parts are likely to crack or even break, the general aluminum parts damaged, if the sheet metal Gold technology can not be adjusted, basically only the overall replacement. In addition, the aluminum alloy requires special process to weld. Therefore, the aluminum body means that the latter part of the maintenance costs may be higher.


As the pioneer of pure electric vehicles in the world, Tesla has also started to explore the road of lightweight vehicles. Its iconic Model S body uses a large amount of aluminum alloy, and through a special welding technology to achieve the aluminum alloy components and steel components link.

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