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Market View Of Zinc Alloy Die Casting Process
Sep 28, 2016

Die-cast products on the market many, so do you think zinc alloy die casting process about?
Zinc alloy die casting is a kind of casting, zinc alloy of low melting point, good fluidity, easy welding, brazing, and plastic processing, atmospheric corrosion, salvage stores easy to recycle and remelting; but lower creep strength, dimensional changes caused by natural aging-prone. Sandstones, cast or pressure processing timber.
Die casting is a liquid molten alloys, high-speed steel die cavity filling, solidification of liquid form under pressure castings Foundry method. Die-cast method is different from the other major characteristics of high pressure and high speed:
1. liquid metal to fill the empty cavity under pressure and at high solidification, common under the pressure of 15-100MPa pressure of crystallization.
2. high speed filling cavities, usually in liquid metal 10-50 m/s, some even over 80 m/s (through the gate into the cavity of the line speed-the speed of the gate), the liquid metal fill time is very short, about 0.01-0.2 seconds (depending on the size of the casting may be) cavity can be filled.

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