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Made-in-China 2025 Interview Gao Yunhu: Green Development Is The Necessary Choice For Implementing The Strategy Of Building Ecological Civilization
Dec 08, 2017

The State Council formally issued a "China-made 2025" program of action for China's implementation of the first decade of manufacturing a strong nation. Made in China 2025 by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in conjunction with the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance, AQSIQ, Engineering Institute and other departments and units jointly prepared. In order to let readers know more deeply about Made in China 2025, a reporter of China Electronics News interviewed Gao Yunhu, director of the Department of Energy Saving and Comprehensive Utilization of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Gao Yunhu pointed out in his interview that green development is an eternal theme. "Made in China 2025" proposed that green development should be one of the major directions. This is the inevitable choice of implementing the strategy of ecological civilization and promoting the sustainable development of manufacturing industry.

The only way to solve the problems of development and restriction of resources and the environment is to develop in a green way

Gao Yunhu told reporters that from the current situation of China's manufacturing industry, although China is a manufacturing power, the development model of manufacturing industry still does not get rid of the extensive investment pattern of high investment, high consumption and high emission. China's manufacturing industry, while creating social wealth, also has a great impact on the resources and the environment. Especially from the resource and environmental situation in recent years, the haze and weather generated are all "heart and lung troubles" to every ordinary people.

Industry is a big resource consumption of resources. In 2014, China consumed 4.26 billion tons of standard coal, of which about 70% used for industrial consumption. The industrial consumption of other resources is also great. More than 60% of China's crude oil needs to be imported, and over 60% of iron ore, copper ore, nickel ore, natural rubber and bauxite also need to be imported. Therefore, the bottleneck of this resource should be said to be an important issue that restricts our development.

Industry consumes a lot of energy at the same time, there are a lot of emissions. In terms of environmental constraints, sulfur dioxide accounts for about 89% of China's total emissions; nitrogen oxides emissions account for 69% of China's total emissions; smoke and dust emissions account for more than 85% of China's total emissions . Therefore, the impact of industry on the environment is indeed very huge.

Gao Yunhu admits frankly that the current situation is indeed very serious. To solve the bottleneck of resources to solve the development and constraints of resources and the environment, our only outlet is the development of green, improve the efficiency of resource utilization. From a business efficiency perspective, green development reduces energy consumption and pollutant emissions, and to some extent also reduces the cost of the business. From the perspective of social benefits, the social benefits of reducing emissions and reducing energy consumption are very good. Therefore, there is a certain intrinsic motivation for the enterprises. At the same time, it is more important to increase external coercion, strictly enforce the standards and regulations, and work together on two fronts.

"This green project is very arduous. In accordance with the State Council's request, everyone, everything, must be done from time to time, the whole community to form a green sense of development, in order to achieve ecological civilization and industrial civilization complement each other, and man and nature live in harmony. Our ultimate goal requires a fairly long process, but the current task is even more pressing, "said Gao Yunhu.

From the manufacturing industry to achieve green development

Gao Yunhu believes that green development from the manufacturing industry is to combine the status quo and the future, the specific approach is as follows:

First, the green transformation of traditional manufacturing industries, such as steel, nonferrous metals, building materials, chemicals, paper making, textile, printing and dyeing and other industries. The current industrial structure of our country is still dominated by traditional manufacturing industries. Consumption of energy and consumption of resources come mainly from traditional industries. Therefore, we must take the greening of traditional industries as a top priority. To promote the use of advanced energy-saving emission reduction technology and equipment technology, the existing traditional manufacturing energy consumption and pollution emissions down as soon as possible is a top priority.

One of the four major areas where green engineering currently proposes technological transformation is the implementation of energy-saving and emission reduction projects and green renovation projects. Including energy-saving transformation, the comprehensive utilization of resources to promote the use of technology, and water pollution prevention and control. The "Water Ten Articles" formally issued by the State Council on April 16 is intended to promote industrial water pollution control and water conservation and efficiency with technologies such as water conservation, pollution reduction, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement.

Second, in key areas, key industries, key river basin implementation of cleaner production. Through the application of cleaner production technologies and processes, cleaner production can solve the pollution discharge problem from the source. In the past, some of our country's production processes themselves emitted toxic and hazardous substances, and adopting a cleaner production process would solve the problem of generating pollutants from the source. The state has promulgated the "Law on Promotion of Cleaner Production" and must strictly follow the "Cleaner Production Promotion Law" to promote key industries. The key regions should speed up the promotion of cleaner production. Energy Saving and Comprehensive Utilization Division has also formulated a series of key industries to promote the implementation of cleaner production, the core now is the implementation.

Third, promote the high starting point and green development of advanced manufacturing industries and strategic emerging industries. In terms of structural adjustment, the future will still be to develop advanced manufacturing and strategic emerging industries, that is, high value-added and high-tech products and industries. However, these industries and products have an impact on the environment as well as a large amount of energy consumption. Therefore, they must pay attention to greening from the very beginning, should not go the old way and pollute the later remediation. They should promote strategic emerging industries and advanced from the beginning Manufacturing starting point, green development.

In addition, the Energy Saving and Comprehensive Utilization Division is vigorously promoting eco-design. Now there is an advanced theory in the world that, from the perspective of the whole life cycle, about 70% of the environmental impact of industrial products has been decided at the design stage, so we should start from the source. From the design of the product, the product should consider the impact on the environment and resources during the whole life cycle of the product manufacturing so as to make overall consideration of the green development in all aspects of the life cycle of raw material selection, production technology, green consumption, and effective recycling.

Various measures and standards to promote the implementation of green development technology

Gao Yunhu specifically introduced the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Department of Energy Saving and Comprehensive Utilization of the implementation of green technologies to promote the implementation of several ways: The first is through policy guidance, the second is through the demonstration, the third is through the implementation of standards and regulations. The state has formulated a mandatory energy consumption standards and energy efficiency standards, to be implemented through mandatory, so that enterprises go to the target standard. At present, the new environmental emission standards have been implemented. Green development is driven by the implementation of integrated standards and regulations.

In the field of eco-design, the Department of Energy Saving and Comprehensive Utilization has launched pilot projects of industrial product eco-design demonstration enterprises in 2015. Recently, some enterprises have been solicited for participation. The list of eco-design products should be released as soon as possible, and the index system of evaluation should be released. Third-party evaluation should be used to promote eco-design work.

In implementing green manufacturing projects, the Department of Energy Conservation and Comprehensive Utilization hopes to build a green manufacturing system under "Made in China 2025" to promote eco-design, construct green factories, implement green manufacturing, increase recycling and promote green consumption. It is a complete system, to establish normative standards, the government to promote the demonstration of standards and market third-party intermediaries to mobilize the enthusiasm of all parties, in accordance with the green standard system to evaluate. This not only increases the internal motivation of enterprises, but also enhances the core competitiveness of enterprises and fosters enterprise brand. It is an effective way to promote enterprises to shoulder their social responsibilities.

In addition, the annual green development report for the entire manufacturing enterprise may be released by the enterprise. To report to the public about what the enterprise has done in terms of resource conservation, improvement of energy efficiency, clean production, environmental impact and employee responsibility and care. This is a common way for market economy countries to implement and is the social responsibility of enterprises so that the society can exercise supervision.

Finally, by establishing standards and regulations and supervision, forcing enterprises to consciously implement the green development, through social supervision, establish a good social image for the enterprise. With the promotion of consumer awareness of green consumption, everyone will be willing to consume green products and are willing to support green enterprises, thus forming a sound development.

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