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Japan Developed A High Heat-resistant Magnesium Alloy Die-casting
Jan 16, 2018

High heat-resistant magnesium alloy die-casting

Recently, Japan Sumitomo Electric Engineering Co., Ltd. and Toyama University Engineering Institute jointly developed a high heat-resistant magnesium alloy die-casting. This high-heat-resistant die-cast magnesium alloy is rapidly cooled and solidified into a final die-cast molded part by a production process in which a molten metal is injected into a mold under high pressure.

It is understood that magnesium alloy has the advantages of light weight, high strength, good vibration damping, good thermal fatigue performance, not easy to aging, good thermal conductivity, strong electromagnetic shielding ability, very good die casting process performance, especially easy to be recycled , Is a new generation of high-performance structural materials that replace steel, aluminum alloy and engineering plastics. Especially in today's automobile environment increasingly serious pollution, weight loss, energy saving, reduce pollution and improve the environment is particularly important. The use of magnesium alloy in automotive structural parts will play a positive role.

Vehicle lightweighting has become the mainstream of automotive development today, providing important support for energy conservation and emission reduction. In particular, aluminum alloy components in engine components need to be replaced with lighter magnesium alloys. Due to the low castability of traditional magnesium alloys, low heat resistance, high component manufacturing costs and low recyclability, the effect of aluminum alloys can not be truly replaced.

The rapid development of automobiles and the demand for lightweight materials have given Sumitomo Electric and other companies a chance to see the market. After intensive research by Sumitomo Electric and Professor Seiji Saikawa from Toyama University School of Engineering, they have successfully developed high heat resistance , Excellent die-casting properties, remelting and casting composition changes little, which makes the alloy recyclable, do not use the advanced features of rare earth elements advanced heat-resistant magnesium alloy.

The newly developed magnesium alloy has excellent heat resistance (compressive creep properties and tensile strength at 150-200 ° C). Compressive creep is the component that can deform over time when it is bolted or otherwise secured and placed under constant compressive stress.

As metal deformation generally increases with increasing temperature, materials with compressive creep properties will gradually reduce the bolt's tightening force. Re-melting and re-casting changes in the composition is small, so that the alloy can be recycled. Moreover, there is no expensive rare earth element in the alloy, which reduces the production cost.

In order to achieve better industrialization and industrialization, Sumitomo Electric will establish a new alloy ingot production system, the introduction of alloy products to the market. While continually striving to develop new magnesium alloys that meet the needs of its customers, the company is also committed to producing and marketing environmentally friendly magnesium alloy materials that will replace steel and aluminum alloys.

Sumitomo Electric Industries Co., Ltd., Sumitomo Electric Industries Co., Ltd., was founded in April 1897 in Japan. Currently, Sumitomo Electric Industries operates in a global scale through five business areas: Automotive, Information and Communication, Electronics, Environmental Energy and Industrial Materials.

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