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French Miner AMR Started Bauxite Production In Guinea With An Annual Output Of 6-10m Tonnes Of Aluminum Ore
Dec 19, 2017


According to foreign news December 12, the French miners Alliance Miniere Responsable (AMR) said the company's bauxite mines in Guinea started production on Tuesday, plans to produce 600-1000 tons of aluminum ore per year.

AMR was founded by two French businessmen, with major shareholders including Anne Lauvergeon, former CEO of the French energy company Areva, and Xavier Niel, the French telecommunications giant.

A statement from the company shows that the mine's production will be fully sold to a Guinean company, Societe Miniere de Boke (SMB), whose main shareholder is Veolia International

(Winning International Group) and China's Shandong Weiqao company.

Romain Girbal, CEO, said: "Production will all go to China." He said AMR will produce about 8 million tonnes by next year, but by 2019 it will exceed 10 million tonnes.

Guinea has about a third of the world's bauxite reserves, but its annual output has hovered below 20 million tonnes for many years, mainly dragged by political instability.

According to the latest 2017 data, SMBs are expected to export 30 million tons of bauxite by the end of the year, doubling the previous year's yield and surpassing the top-ranked producer, the Guinean Bauxite Company, a SMB SMB spokesman said.

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