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Die-casting Radiator
Sep 28, 2016

Time never stops moving forward May be ending. Hot summer is coming, for now installs computers for friends, CPU radiator cause for concern. Don't underestimate made from a die-cast aluminum radiators, but so many computer enthusiasts concerned about its topic. How many overclocking players all the time without it. With lntelCPU dual-core, quad-core, the higher, and AMD had to brazen pursuit. Today, in the face of high performance, the radiator this equipment have become embodied performance CPU logo.
Looking at the radiator market, high, medium and low variety that there are children. Advanced active cooling, such as water cooling, oil cooling, liquid nitrogen cooling. Mid has a vast number of players like pure copper and pure aluminum die casting products. The lower end of the scale type radiators also played in heat. So many die-cast products, how can I give myself a computer to select a suitable heatsink, believe that it is essential to see how it works and the ability to work.
As it is generally known in the low-end product, first look at its price and air cooling performance. If you want to fit the entry-level CPU heatsink, believe there many common materials and simple structure of die casting products can solve the problem. If you need a high-performance, air-cooled radiator in an optional material have good performance. Now to introduce, a complete set of air cooling heat sink component.
Aluminum die cast heat sink: use pure aluminum die casting manufacturing as a whole, is currently the highest rate of use of materials on the market. I believe we all know that on Earth the highest content of metal is aluminum. Its manufacturing cost is very low, good and fast cooling is to highlight the advantages of low melting point. Is proportional to the workmanship and structural and thermal performance, when more heat dissipation fins, the better. The radiator air and heat sink contact surface, when the larger,, able to use air and thus take more heat. Due to pure aluminum die-cast materials low cost, so when used with low-end CPU price higher and higher.

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