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Die Casting Development Prospects
Sep 28, 2016

China's economy has maintained a momentum of rapid development. Due to the intensification of the contradiction between resources and environment, according to the requirements of the scientific Outlook on development, circular economy and clean production has become an important national policy for the sustainable development of social economy. Experts pointed out that casting areas, including low pressure casting and squeeze casting nonferrous metal casting under pressure molding process, its output is about 1.5 million tons.

It is understood that the national total output reached 7.28 million vehicles, an increase of 27.6%, which yield 3.87 million cars, an increase of 39.7%. In 2012, the national die casting production 1024000 tons, of which: 802140 tons of aluminum die casting, magnesium die casting 13620 tons. 2012 1 October national car production 3.8501 million units, an increase of 23.4%; sales of 3.6001 million vehicles, an increase of 22%. Die-cast market will still maintain a rapid growth trend. Die-casting die-casting less without cutting non-ferrous metal resources recycling and advanced process, meet the requirements of circular economy and clean production, in line with national economic development policies. Lightweight automobile also speeded up the development of aluminum and magnesium die castings market international nonferrous metals die casting production shift to China has become an inevitable trend, die-cast market development space is enormous.

Increased demand for aluminum die casting die casting industry

The automobile industry is one of the most important customers of die casting industry in China. With the development of the domestic economy and the improvement of people's living standard, domestic car sales shoot up, which to a large extent, promoted the die casting industry in China, especially the development of aluminum alloy die casting industry. With the domestic automobile lighter voices higher and higher, optimization and upgrading of automobile industry is gradually implemented, cast aluminum instead of gray iron castings for progressive, which has spurred rising demand for aluminum alloy die castings. In addition, with the world's die casting industry is developing very rapidly, businesses are constantly increasing demand for aluminum castings, very broad prospects for the development of die casting industry.

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