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Code For Design Of Die Casting
Sep 28, 2016

Design must take into account the pressure die casting thickness of castings, die castings casting corner and stripping slope, rib, pressure casting core hole and hole to the edge of the smallest distance, casting on the rectangular holes and slots, embedded within a die casting, die casting, machining allowances in seven aspects.

Code for design of casting corner: usually casting the parts intersect should be rounded (parting surface), can make metal fill flow smoothly, gases are discharged more easily, and avoid sharp corners and cracks. Need for plating and finishing of die casting, fillet evenly coating, preventing sharp corners paint buildup. Casting radius r is not less than 1mm, the minimum radius of 0.5 mm.

Pressure casting within of embedded pieces design specification: first, pressure casting Shang of embedded pieces number should not be too much; second, embedded pieces and pressure casting of connection must firm, while requirements in embedded pieces Shang open slot, and raised, and roll spent,; again, embedded pieces must avoid has pointed angle, to Lee placed and prevent casting stress concentrated, casting and embedded pieces Zhijian as has serious of electrification corrosion role, is embedded pieces surface need coating protection; last, has embedded pieces of casting should avoid heat treatment, so as not to for two species metal of phase variable and caused volume changes, makes embedded pieces loose.

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