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Characteristics And Application Of Zinc Alloy Die Casting Technology
Nov 01, 2017


In recent years,China's zinc alloy die-casting technology rapid development, bringing economic benefits and market benefits can not be underestimated, according to experts, zinc alloy die-casting technology has the following characteristics:


 1, a relatively large proportion.

   2, casting performance, can be complex casting shapes, thin-walled precision parts, a smooth casting surface.

   3, can be surface treatment: electroplating, spraying, painting, polishing, grinding and so on.

   4, melting and die-casting does not absorb iron, no corrosion pressure, non-stick mold.

   5, there is a good room temperature mechanical properties and wear resistance.

   6, low melting point, easy to die-casting molding.


To learn zinc alloy die we must first understand some of the characteristics of zinc alloy, zinc alloy plays an important role in zinc alloy die for.


   The main features of the die-cast zinc alloy with a lower melting zinc alloy, zinc alloy melting process is generated when the temperature reaches four Baidu, which is better in molding zinc alloy die for. Zinc alloy in the process of melting and die-casting does not absorb iron, and zinc alloy casting performance is good, in the die-casting process can be a lot of complex shape of precision parts, die casting after casting the surface is very smooth. At the same time, the proportion of zinc alloy is relatively large.


Zinc alloy die-casting technology is widely used in the injection molding process, its main advantage is to focus on improving the quality of castings. Zinc Alloy Die Casting understand all know, in the casting flow channels and more than expected as part of the casting, the casting of little value inside the Soviet Union they use, but they still count as the casting is cost. At the same time the alloy is also recyclable, the general will be the rest of the material to return to the original supplier in exchange for new materials. If the supplier did not carry out a good deal, it will lead to air pollution, will bring environmental hazards. Zinc alloy die-casting recovery there are many ways, and zinc alloy die-casting is composed of zinc as the main element of the alloy, there are other alloying elements, such as aluminum, copper and so on. Zinc alloy die-casting manufacturing process is usually divided into two kinds, one for the casting of zinc alloy, one for the deformation of zinc alloy. Each method has different characteristics for zinc alloy casting.

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