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Casting Technology Of The Castings On The Development Of
Sep 28, 2016

1, bronze casting
Casting technology originated in bronze casting, in the history of human civilizations from the stone age to the bronze age, played a major role in the evolution and human nature and transform the nature of practical activities.
Bronze casting first starts in the middle of Iran South, Turkey and Mesopotamia, dating back more than 5,000 years of history. More than 1000 years later, Europe, India has mastered bronze casting technology. Bronze casting began in China more than 2000 years BC the Shang dynasty, dating back some 4,000 years of history, later in the Middle East, while in Europe. However, in bronze casting technology, China can be said to come from behind. From the countless, exquisite bronzes unearthed cultural relics can be seen as early as the Shang and Zhou times, China's foundry technology has reached a very high level. Shows China's late Shang dynasty unearthed at Anyang, Henan province casting giant stepmother of Ding and weighing 875 kg, modeling exquisite, and meticulous, reflected the advanced casting technology.
As with modern methods of casting, the ancient heart of the casting process technology including alloy smelting and casting mold manufacturing, injection, clean up a few basic steps.
Smelting process in addition to the high temperature heating technology, alloy composition of control is required. Bronze casting alloys in ancient times has formed a component of the series. The so-called "gold six Qi", that is, according to the different application of bronze objects, there are six basic composition. The "six-line" is based on copper and Tin (Pb) ratio. According to the kaogongji "attack gold" described, "gold has six, and six gold and Tin one, that of the great variety of Qi; gold and Tin in a five points, that the alignment of the axes; four gold and Tin and one, that the alignment of the halberd; Three of its gold and Tin one, that edge of Qi; five of its gold and Tin II, that the cutting arrows align; half-SN, that the alignment of the channel. "This narrative describes the world's first according to the purpose of specification alloy composition standards.
Model is the core of technology. In ancient times called cast fan, according to the different molding material, use fan into the mud procedures, stone moulds, ceramic, copper, fan fan, then we could see iron mould. Mud procedures, iron mould and the ancient lost wax casting is in pre-Qin period of China "three wonders".

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