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Analysis Of Diecasting Die Casting Production
Sep 28, 2016

Die casting is a method of casting and forging. Die forging is a special die-forging machine technology. Its basic processes are: liquid metal to low or high speed casting into the mold cavity, mold cavity surface to be active, with the cooling process of liquid metal pressure forging, elimination of shrinkage defect of the rough, rough internal organization forging State of broken grain. Significantly improve the mechanical properties of the blank.
In addition, the production of rough, exterior finish grade 7 (Ra1.6), such as surface or machined cold extrusion technology, metallic luster. So, we'll die forging is called "extreme forming technology" than "without cutting, less allowances forming" a step further. Die forging yet another advantage is, in addition to the production of traditional casting material, it can be deformed alloys, forged alloy, parts of the production structure is very complex. These alloys include: hard aluminium alloy, forged aluminum alloy, such as LY11, LY12, 6061, 6063, LYC, LD etc). The tensile strength of the material, almost 1 time times higher than conventional cast alloys, aluminum alloy wheel, frame and so on with a higher intensity of impact-resistant material production parts, have a more positive meaning.

Die is a die-cast production one of the three elements, structure reasonable tooling is a prerequisite for die casting production can proceed smoothly, and to ensure quality (lower rate) plays an important role. Due to the characteristics of the die casting process, the correct choice of the process parameters are determinants for quality castings and mold is able to make the right choices and adjust the technical parameters of the premise, die-casting mould design is essentially the production potential is expected to reflect various factors. If the mold design, problems encountered in the practical production less casting machines under high quality.
Otherwise, unreasonable design of mold, one of die casting design time packages are basically the same and gating system are mostly fixed, and behind the shot punches not manufactured feed guannan die casting machine, doesn't produce, casting has been sticking to the die. Although cavity finish very light, due to the larger cavity depth is seen sticking to the mould of phenomena. At design time, a comprehensive analysis of casting structure, familiar with operation process of die casting machine, I want to know the possibility of die casting machine and process parameters can be adjusted, lies in the filling characteristics of different circumstances, and taking into account the mold machining, drilling, and fixed form, can design a practical, to meet the production requirements of the mold.

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