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Aluminum Die Casting Production Process
May 17, 2017

 Aluminum Die Casting Aluminum castings are a pressure-casting part that is heated to liquid aluminum and aluminum into the feed port of the die-casting machine, effectively through its die-casting equipment, casting mold-limited shapes, and Size of the parts.

    Aluminum Die Casting Aluminum castings of aluminum or aluminum alloy in the production process will have a better flow and plasticity, the casting process is mainly in the pressure of the die-casting machine carried out, so the aluminum casting can effectively produce a variety of shape comparison Complex parts.

     Aluminum Die Casting Die casting machine can also be effective in the processing of high precision and smoothness of the aluminum castings, which can to some extent reduce the amount of machined castings and metal aluminum or aluminum alloy casting margin, so that the use of the process not only save electricity , Metal materials, to a certain extent, save a lot of labor costs.

     Aluminum alloy or aluminum in the use of the process has excellent thermal conductivity, the device has a relatively small proportion and high processing, and thus aluminum die casting is widely used in motorcycle manufacturing, oil pump manufacturing, landscaping, precision instruments, motor manufacturing And other fields.

     Aluminum parts of the hot parts need to fill the full product in the process of contraction, although the epidermis layer of a certain strength, but not rupture of the case, the casting will still be the role of internal contraction of its surface depressed, so called For the concave.

     Aluminum casting in the process of filling, the gas will be squeezed directly between the metal flow and cavity wall surface and not be excluded, so that the surface will appear its depression, the concave surface smooth, so that the cavity will appear Difficult to vent.

    Aluminum Die Casting Aluminum casting in the production process is mainly the main characteristics of its oxidation slag is effectively distributed in the casting on the surface, aluminum casting in the mold is not ventilated corner parts, the fracture mostly gray or yellow, after its x-ray or Is machined when you can find.

     Aluminum casting there are many reasons for its oxidation slag, it may be because of its charge is not clean, back to the use of too much material, the product in the casting process of its poor design, the product of the molten liquid in the molten liquid is not clean, Or improper operation in the casting process, into the slag.

     Aluminum castings in order to prevent such a situation occurred before the use of its charge should be blowing sand, the use of the appropriate reduction in charge, effectively improve the design of its pouring system, effectively improve its slag capacity, the use of appropriate flux to slag.

    Aluminum casting in the process of pouring should be smooth and should pay attention to slag, before pouring before the alloying liquid should be standing for a certain period of time, castings produce the main features of the pores and bubbles, three castings wall pores are generally round or oval, Have a smooth surface.

   Aluminum Die Casting Aluminum castings are generally shiny oxide, and sometimes there will be oil yellow, the surface of the pores, the bubbles can be found through sandblasting, the internal air bubbles can be X-ray fluoroscopy or mechanical processing found that air bubbles in the X-ray film Black.

    Aluminum Die Casting The reason for the above-mentioned aluminum castings may be that the casting alloy is not smooth, causing it to be involved in the gas. The density of the cast aluminum alloy is smaller than that of cast iron and cast steel, and its strength is relatively high. Therefore, under the same load conditions, Enough to reduce the weight of the layout.

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