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Aluminum Die Casting Process Parameters
May 10, 2017

Aluminum die casting The traditional deburring method by manual use of rasps, knives and other hand tools to remove the burr one by one, the method of long time-consuming, low production efficiency, and as in this paper, precision die casting, its high precision, so manual Burrs can not meet the requirements of use. In addition, the burrs of the casting can be removed by removing the riser with the stamping die, but the burrs can not be removed from the internal structure and details.

2.3 to remove the new method of burr

      For the die castings in this paper, a new technique is used to remove burrs, ie thermal deburring. The working principle of the thermal deburring is to place the required deburring parts in a closed container and then fill a certain amount of hydrogen (or methane) and oxygen. After the spark plug is ignited, the mixed gas reacts in an instant, (Flash) in the high temperature (about 3000 ℃), high pressure (20 times the inflation pressure), high speed (8 times the speed of sound) under the effect of heating spontaneous combustion, and to achieve the purpose of removing the burr (flash).

      Burr relative to the parts of the matrix, the surface area is large and the volume is relatively small, which can absorb more heat, but also because of the gas penetration is good, all-pervasive, so for some difficult to remove the manual parts of the burr is very good To remove the effect. Burr roots are generally thin and thin, so that it can be very good to suppress the heat to the internal parts of the transfer Moreover, the reaction time is very short, so only a small burr can be burned to remove. As the heat generated by the main body of the parts will not have any impact, so the general will not make the basic performance of parts change, and the high efficiency of the deburring, process performance and stability.

With the previous method, the quality of the deburring is difficult to guarantee and the effect is unstable. After the assembly, the residual burrs are peeled off due to the action of the fluid, which may affect the performance of the product, and the thermal deburring method has a good effect on such products. This shows that the cast burr is basically removed, there is no residue, and did not cause secondary damage products, especially in the complex shape of the small parts of the The

Aluminum Die Casting Environment Is Air Humidity Great? Under normal circumstances, the ambient air content of hydrogen is not much, but the air if the relative humidity, it will increase the solubility of gas in the molten aluminum, the formation of seasonal pores, such as in the rainy season, due to air humidity, aluminum alloy smelting Pinhole phenomenon is more serious. Of course, the air humidity, aluminum ingots, smelting equipment, tools, etc. will be due to air humid and increase the amount of surface moisture adsorption, it should pay attention to take a strong preheating drying protection measures to reduce the generation of stomata.

Features and test methods: along the mold casting surface of the surface showing a strip of trauma marks, there is a certain depth, serious for the face scars. The other is the metal liquid and mold adhesion, adhesion and strain, so that the casting surface material or lack of material.

Aluminum die casting causes: 1, cavity surface damage (collapse or knock). 2, the demoulding direction gradient is too small or oblique. 3, when the top of the imbalance, the top skew. 4, pouring temperature is too high, mold temperature is too high lead to alloy liquid adhesion. 5, release agent effect is not good. 6, aluminum and gold content of iron content of less than 0.6%. 7, cavity rough is not smooth, mold hardness is low.

Preventive measures: 1, repair the mold surface damage parts, modify the stripping slope, improve the mold hardness (HRC45 ° ~ 48 °), improve mold finish. 2, adjust the jack, so that the top balance. 3, replace the stripping effect of good release agent. 4, adjust the alloy iron content. 5, to reduce the pouring temperature, control mold temperature stable, balanced. 6, adjust the direction of the gate, to avoid the metal liquid straight into the core, type wall.

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