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Aluminum Die Casting Make The Foregoing Factors
May 10, 2017

In the production of aluminum die casting, aluminum die casting parts in the sub-surface, the core with the edge of the metal sheet, we call it burr. The existence of burrs is the most common problem of die casting, it will not only affect the size of the product, assembly accuracy, but also seriously affect the appearance of the product. The amount of burr is one of the important indicators to measure the quality of die casting, the more burr, the lower the quality standards.

Aluminum Die Casting In the actual industrial production, for the die to remove the burr problem, each enterprise has no fundamental way to completely solve. In a sense, the production of burrs or with the industry's objective existence and inevitability. The main reason for the mold, the mold is not hooked, die-casting machine set a variety of injection conditions are not adjusted to the best condition, mold structure such as runner, exhaust design unreasonable. And even if the above factors are no problem in the case, the initial production of products without burrs, but over time, the mold within the dirt, wear and other reasons will also produce the mold produced products burr. The resulting repeated mold, mold will also affect the production efficiency and mold life. It can be seen that the analysis of the burr of the die casting and the study of the burr removal method have important practical value. In this paper, by analyzing the causes of the burrs of a die casting of a photovoltaic product, a reasonable and effective prevention and removal of burr scheme is proposed.

1, die casting burr and the reasons for the analysis

Analysis of aluminum die casting parts 3D solid .. Which is installed on the top of the lens, bearings, coils, etc., a total of nearly 50 parts. Parts, X, Y, Z 3 axial main, vice axis and hole location tolerance of 0.005 mm minimum, the lens installation angle deviation of 0.5 ° below, belonging to the precision die casting, burr control is also very strict. We through the product in recent years, poor statistical analysis of the project found that the impact of its quality factors, burr is one of the main factors. The product produces burr parts as shown in Figure 2. 1-spindle burr; 2-hole burr; 3-slider burr; 4-peripheral burr; 5-wire glitch; 6-side shaft side burr;

2, to remove the burr measures to avoid the production of burrs In the production process, the burr factors are many aspects, mainly the stability of die casting machine performance, the choice of die-casting process parameters, alloy composition and smelting process, the use of release agent , The mold structure is reasonable and manufacturing quality.

Aluminum Die Casting In fact, the performance of die-casting machine, mold structure is rarely changed, so how to adjust the die-casting process parameters and some simple repair of the mold, thereby improving product quality is particularly important. In this paper, combined with practical experience, summed up the die casting mold and process parameters may be the cause of the burr and preventive measures.

Therefore, combined with the above analysis, that the actual operation can start from the adjustment of die-casting process parameters, in the molding stage will be able to avoid the occurrence of burrs, you can save the subsequent deburring process. For example, the peripheral burr of this paper, its low rate of bad, and there is a certain degree of instability, check the injection speed, but also higher than the standard set value, the injection rate from 0.9 callback to 0.8, mold temperature Keep at 90 ~ 95 ℃, burrs disappear.

Aluminum Die Casting In this paper, two kinds of feasible solutions are proposed: one is to control the die casting process parameters and adjust the mold structure to avoid the occurrence of burrs; the second is the use of new technology - the use of new technology - - thermal deburring method to remove the burr, the method has a wide range of applications, fixture is simple, low cost, fast processing capacity, short cycle time.

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