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Zinc and aluminum die casting skim points of note?
Sep 28, 2016

Is a powder for zinc-aluminium die casting pressure diecasting of zinc and aluminum as the main component parts. Application of Zn-Al alloy casting wider, construction, household appliances, electronics, computers, aviation, aerospace and other fields you can see its shadow. Zinc aluminum casting is a dense layer of surface appearance, inside is dispersed structure. Need to skim it before use, casting orders network to introduce in this paper how to skim a zinc and aluminum die casting.
Only use acidic degreaser for zinc-aluminum die casting, only use alkaline degreaser degreasing. Most of the demand for zinc and aluminum are copper-nickel chrome plated multi-layer coatings, high requirement for decoration. Skim through before polishing. So to wax (polishing paste rich in ash borer) is the first step, followed by chemical degreasing and degrease.

Because the ash borer's melting point is above 70%, in order to emulsify ash borer, wax used in water temperatures above 70 ° c only. Used to use only ordinary chemical degreasing progressive temperature wax. This time long, low power. Now there are wax water supply, reduced, the effect is good. If using the ultrasonic effect is very good. Removal of wax and wax does not usually skimmed, but also chemical degreasing.

Zinc alloy chemical activity, and chemical degreasing alkaline not too strong or corrosive skin. In between from 50℃to70℃in Kilning temperature control, 3~5min. Supply of products on the market there will be fat and wax degreaser one and cooperate in ultrasonic effect is very good.

Zinc alloy chemical degreaser degreasing agent and similar. But rich in necessary complexing abilities are used. When you degrease, zinc alloy die casting in cathodic degreasing, from 50℃to70℃in Kilning temperature, current density, 3~5A/dm2, 1~2min.

In the selection of dewaxing and degreasing in one process, casting Brown looks can occur under ultrasonic effect corrosion film. This agent should not be used. Dedicated to degreaser for zinc die castings should be replaced. Should pay particular attention to this point.

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