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The basic knowledge of aluminum casting ingots(G)
Dec 01, 2017

9 major test items

According to the national standard of aluminum alloy product technical requirements include three aspects:

1. Aluminum alloy ingot appearance inspection

2. Aluminum alloy chemical composition test

3. Aluminum alloy ingot pinhole detection


10 aluminum alloy ingot increased testing items

1. Aluminum ingot mechanical properties

* Tensile strength and elongation

* Brinell hardness

2. Aluminum alloy ingot structure

Metallography analysis

3. Aluminum alloy slag containing gas situation

* Aluminum ingot section sensory judgment

* Aluminum gas content test

* Vacuum solidification test (part)

* Density equivalent test

* Slag test (part)

* K-MOLD test (part)


11 chemical composition test equipment --- direct reading spectrometer

Spectrometer is the main test equipment, its function is to detect the percentage of various elements in the aluminum alloy composition.



12 mechanical properties testing equipment

Universal material testing machine testing products tensile strength, elongation.

Brinell hardness tester Brinell hardness testing products




13 metallographic analysis equipment

Metallographic analysis of the product from the microscopic point of view of the alloy structure.


Polishing machine, mosaic machine

Metallographic microscope




14 gas-containing slag test equipment

1. Al alloy ingot section sensory determination is to take aluminum alloy ingot cross section to observe the inclusion and crystallization of the comprehensive judgment.

2. Aluminum alloy ingot gas content test:

1). Low magnification pinhole test: The ingot surface is etched with a chemical reagent using a standard comparison of porosity levels and quantified using a microscope.

2). Determination of liquid hydrogen content of liquid aluminum gas content.

3) Decompression testing machine to form a liquid aluminum decompression solidification sample, the reference map to determine the alloy ingot gas content.

3. Aluminum ingot slag content test:

1). Containing slag rate: Take a certain amount of aluminum alloy ingots remelting for further refining, and then take the amount of slag to calculate the percentage of the rate.

2) .K-MOLD: take K-MOLD slag point on the 20 cross-section to determine the dregs.

4. Density equivalent:

The ratio of the change of the density of the solidified blocks under the atmospheric pressure under the conditions of freezing and solidification under atmospheric pressure is used to determine the gas content of the aluminum ingot containing slag.

Equipment: Density electronic balance

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