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Iron casting enterprises ' technological innovation to reduce costs
Sep 28, 2016

More recently, Chinese foundry industry under pressure, on the one hand high price of raw materials such as cast iron, castings limited orders on the other hand, many foundry enterprises running cost pressure, many companies cut production or even shut down, not to mention the profits, some difficulty is to maintain normal living.
Not only cast the entire manufacturing sector has similar problems. Transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry needs, is one of the most important means to conduct scientific and technological innovation, using the power of technology to solve problems, promote development of the industry.

This year, Western heavy metallurgy Division and casting plants through painstaking research, practice, and finally realized by synthesis technology produces cast iron parts. Because scrap steel prices far lower than cast iron, so most of the addition of pig iron in the production using waste steel, carbon additive instead of to examine the use of synthesis technology of iron scrap and melted down in the furnace, using stable carbon and high performance cast iron production. This method gives the iron content from the original 70% to lower-30%, scrap increased from 20% to 50% today, the cost per ton of steel by 612 Yuan/ton.

It is worth mentioning that using synthesis technology produces cast iron parts, not only reduces the cost for the casting also has some performance increase. Traditional craft production of castings, due to the large amount of pig iron, and many have not been eliminated in the pig iron thick Eutectic graphite, increases contraction of the liquid iron, production of castings defects. New synthesis technology of liquid iron graphite can be enhanced, and more pure molten iron to prevent or mitigate the contraction. Carburant joined, made of graphite in liquid iron quantity, size, distribution and morphology changes, such as graphite, short uniform, minimize graphite nucleation of electric furnace smelting reduction or inactivation effects brought about by the reduced free cementite, chilling tendency then also decreases. Meanwhile, synthesis technology of cast iron parts to make significantly more and finer Pearlite, material strength and hardness, ductility and toughness are increased.

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