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Status and future development of die casting mold
Sep 28, 2016

At present, through die-cast mould manufacture about 80 million tons of metal products, and cutting the number of manufacturing. About 70 million tons of plastic products and 6 million tons of rubber, composed almost entirely of die-casting die manufacturing. Currently, 3D printed products amounted to tens of thousands of tons. Die industry has become an important symbol of national manufacturing.
Recently, in China die casting mould industry association, the seventh session of the Board, at its fifth meeting, the Chinese die casting mould industry association, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General Wu Bingshu said China's die-casting industry has fully completed the "Twelve-Five," the main objective of development planning. "Thirteen-Five" China die-cast mold industrial will to do strong for mainline, to industry backbone Enterprise for relies on, deepening reform, innovation drive, science development, speed up information process and transformation upgrade pace, continues to implementation project led and export led strategy, further improve mold production of information, and standardization, and automation technology of application level, prompted enterprise, and technology, and products quality, and production benefits, aspects are has significantly progress.
In terms of technological progress, China's die-casting industry research and development systems are maturing, key technology breakthrough. In addition, China's mold industry to market at the center of the cluster and cluster development mode to further establish, the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and the Bohai mold the further improvement of the competitiveness of the industrial area, Wuhan-Changsha and Chongqing, two new rapid development of mold industry cluster district, mold production accounted for more than 90% of the country, mold talents have also been developing more quickly.

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