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On zinc alloy die casting into the automation and market demand analysis
Sep 28, 2016

Zinc alloy die casting industry is widely used by such as: furniture decorative hardware, bags, bath, communications, digital, etc. Zinc alloy die casting products why many companies choose to do fittings? Zinc alloy die-casting products compared to other casting methods, zinc alloy die casting has the following advantages: high dimensional accuracy and stability of casting; good surface finish, easy to do all kinds of surface treatment, such as electroplating, spraying plastic, can look complex, thin-walled shape cast products; rapid cooling, reducing the cycle time of casting; recycling, society promoting environmental protection.
According to statistics, about half of all consumption of zinc in the world for galvanized, about 10% for brass and bronze, not 10% for zinc based alloy, about 7.5% for chemical products. By hot-dipped in a molten metal bath to protect materials and products, zinc is available for protection against corrosion. Metal products, batch galvanizing; the rolled steel strip coils, continuous galvanizing. In recent years, steel hot dip galvanized flat steel hot dip galvanizing has increased significantly.
In today's market, zinc alloy die casting companies are also often sigh for rapid changes in market conditions, sell good products, sales were lower. Because the quality of a product is not their call, but to consumers. Different stages, different marketing, consumer products have a different evaluation criteria.

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