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In zinc alloy die-casting before plating should pay attention to what
Jan 16, 2018

In zinc alloy die-casting before plating should pay attention to what

  Zinc alloy die-casting is one of the common precision castings, zinc alloy die-casting before plating is very important, because it is handled properly or not, will be related to the quality of the plating. If not handled properly, the plated parts will be reworked or discarded to increase reject rate. So in the pre-treatment process, there are some things that need our attention, the following specific introduction:

  A: To understand the structural characteristics of zinc alloy die-casting

  In the zinc alloy die casting surface has a layer of dense metal layer, the following is a loose, porous structure. We should pay attention when polishing can not be thrown through the metal layer, otherwise it will appear blistering, peeling and so on.

  Second: to master the chemical properties of zinc alloy die-casting

  In the process of degreasing or etching, if strong acid or strong alkali is used, the plating will appear blistering and peeling in the electroplating process, which will affect the yield of plated parts. Therefore, strong acid or alkali can not be used.

  Three: Accelerate the zinc alloy die-casting plating before plating and plating plating connection speed

  Zinc alloy die-casting to remove the surface of the oil, and the oxide film, the parts should be immediately placed in the plating bath plating, so as not to regenerate the surface of the oxide film, or hydrate, which affect the coating adhesion.

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