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Future of aluminum alloy die castings with good color
Sep 28, 2016

The next five years will be an average annual increase of us $ 1 trillion in global trade, and as long as they can find market and industry in China, will have a chance in front of the full recovery of the economy to seize the initiative. Next five years one of the fastest growing top trade sectors followed by renewable energy, casting mold, containers and other packaging products, coal and coal products, food processing, electric power control system and equipment, oil and gas, wheat, iron ore and iron and steel products and plastic products.
Over the next five years the fastest growing import/export of most emerging market, the fastest-growing export markets including Egypt, and Panama, Indonesia, Brazil and Peru, and the fastest growing import markets for Egypt, and Panama, and Paraguay, and India and Australia. Magnesium resources in our country is extremely rich in magnesium production reached 469,600 tons in 2005, the former, there is a huge potential demand for magnesium alloy die casting products, the favorable supply and demand conditions will stimulate the enthusiasm of magnesium alloy die casting production.
In recent years, magnesium alloy die casting manufacturing enterprises and research units of rapid development from a few to hundreds. This and a number of high starting point, high levels of business. For the die casting of magnesium alloy application opens up a new field. Can be said that the basic form of Chinese development of magnesium alloy die castings, magnesium resource advantages into economic advantages, and achieve the aspirations of industry development, is expected to gradually become a reality.

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