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Analysis die casting flow marks the causes and solutions
Dec 04, 2017

In the die-casting industry, we all know that the surface defects die casting is common, but many types of defects, names are not the same everywhere, such as flow marks, and some called stripes. It is puzzling is how the die-casting flow marks produced, there are ways to solve it? What is the die-casting flow marks?

The main characteristics of die-casting flow marks show the surface of the casting metal liquid flow direction is consistent with the feel of the local subsidence smooth lines. Flow marks defects no direction of development, with the polishing method can be removed.

Die-casting flow marks is how to produce?

Analysis of flow marks produced several reasons:

Two streams of metal are not synchronized with the cavity full of traces left behind;

Mold temperature is low, such as zinc alloy die temperature <150 ℃, aluminum die temperature <180 ℃, are prone to such defects;


Filling speed is too high;


Excessive amount of paint.

Die-casting flow marks defects how to rule out?



Adjust the gate area or location;

Adjust the mold temperature, increase the overflow tank;

  Properly adjust the filling speed to change the flow pattern of metal-filled cavity;

Paint thin and uniform.

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