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Aluminum die-casting processing failure four common solutions
Sep 28, 2016

Aluminum die casting mold processing process typically results in some of the more common problem, because each of these problems are caused by different reasons, so in the real need to deal with these problems in the process, will be based on the actual problem situation to deal with.
1, clean surface, clean the cavity, clean the top lever; changing coating materials, improve spray technologies strengthen clamping capacity, strengthening of cast metal components. This is some rely on simple methods of control can be implemented.
2, adjust the processing parameters, injection, injection speed, fill molds, opening the mold, pouring temperature and mold temperature.
3, change principles, choose high quality aluminum alloy ingot material, improve the ratio of new principles and the principle of return improved smelting process skills.
4, dressing changes and aluminum die casting mould, dressing change injection system, strengthen internal booms, increase the setting the overflow tank, exhaust gas ducts.

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