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Advantages and roles of die casting mold temperature machine
Sep 28, 2016

Pressing mould temperature controller is a lamination machine, his working temperature up to 350 degrees, high precision temperature control, thermal speed, energy saving and high efficiency. Advantages of large scope, good thermal certainty, with a compact, fast temperature, the temperature control is precise advantages. According to the alloy type different, different set of product structure in terms of types of mold temperature on alloy, especially magnesium, zinc alloy workpiece needs equipped with die temperature; for the product structure, thin-walled parts and complex parts needs with mold temperature machine.
Die casting industry must be equipped with temperature mold machine, many in actual production of the die casting plant (including many large die-casting factory), are not equipped with mold temperature machine. Everyone's ideas are as long as the product can do, is equipped with is a waste, so many die of high failure rate, quality stability, dimensional accuracy and short life is not difficult to understand.
Die temperature machine advantages:
1. quick heating, high heat transfer efficiency, easy to scale. Oil quantity can be heated, heated as much as needed. Local high temperature carbonization oil does not appear, ensure the quality of the oil and the heater heat transfer efficiency.
2. die temperature controller adopts imported plate heat exchangers make the unit compact, temperature would be speeded up. Pipeline explosion-proof device, blow gas back into the oil. Back to temperature display, auto exhaust function heating power switch function.

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